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  Erol Joseph "Rolly" Russo, Turkish-born Canadian artist, started painting at an early age. His art loving parents inspired him to take both violin and painting lessons. He furthered his painting talent by working as an apprentice under the watchful eyes of his mentor, the world-renowned painter and professor of the Fine Arts Academy of Istanbul, Ibrahim Safi.

   Erol, the son of Jewish parents, left his native Istanbul in 1964 for Montreal, Canada where he currently resides. He found out that making a living with art was an uphill battle and decided to re-orient his career. Marketing was his next choice. Erol became an executive in charge of the marketing research department of a multinational tobacco manufacturer, then an international marketing director for a large office furniture manufacturer while teaching these subjects at Université du Québec, les Hautes Études Commerciales and other academic institutions.

   Erol never left his passion, painting, and has for the last few years devoted his full time to participing in group or solo exhibitions. He won the Prix d'Excellence Florence Landry at the Montagne Art Exhibition held under the auspices of the Honorable Lise Thibault Lieutenant Governor of Quebec.

   "As you look at the website, you will find the work of a prolific artist of deep sensivity & great tenderness. He takes the viewer into his personal life, he shows us his inner self that conceals a spirituality waiting to be unveiled. Erol makes us discover a richly colorful beauty in nature, in landscape, and seeks to charm us with his non-conformist inspirational art.

Viviane Polar."




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